Sunday, December 20, 2015

Researchers Find That Putin Walks Like A "Gunslinger"

putin walkingHave you ever noticed anything odd about the way Vladimir Putin walks when he's seen on TV? If not, take a look at any video that shows him walking, and you'll notice that his left arm swings far more than his right. The reason for that may have to do with his past in the KGB.

A team of European neurologists were studying his gait, and initially thought that he might have Parkinson's. However, he didn't display any of the other tell-tale signs of the disease. They soon arrived at a new hypothesis when they started reading an old KGB training manual, which instructed their agents on how to carry weapons. "When moving, it is absolutely necessary to keep your weapon against the chest or in the right hand. Moving forward should be done with one side, usually the left, turned somewhat in the direction of movement."

After realizing that other Russian officials walk the same way, including Dmitry Medvedev, former Ministers of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov and Sergei Ivanov, as well as General Anatoly Sidorov, the researchers realized that with the exception of Medvedev, all had previous military training. It's this training that has left a permanent mark on their gait. Coincidentally, they've also seen cowboys in Western movies walk like this, hence the new name for the gait:

"We propose that this new gait pattern, which we term "gunslinger's gait", may result from a behavioural adaptation, possibly triggered by KGB or other forms of weaponry training where trainees are taught to keep their right hand close to the chest while walking, allowing them to quickly draw a gun when faced with a foe."

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